swindon-baby-photography-01The early baby days are fleeting moments of blissful magic where your baby experiences the outside world for the first time; without a cherished photo, will we remember the gaze of our child’s eyes, the curl of their hair, a simple awkward hand gesture or windy smile? Babies change so much in their first few weeks so we like to try to capture these moments before they are gone forever.

Newborn Session Only: £75

It is advisable to book your newborn session BEFORE the baby arrives as it is best to capture those special moments within the first couple of weeks; ideally this will be between 7-21 days so we can capture those those cute protective looking shots. It also means that way you are on the JMW Imaging schedule and will be given priority when your baby is born. We know that this will be very flexible because babies like to leave us second guessing exactly when they will be born!

Being parents ourselves we understand how unpredictable babies can be and it is our aim to work in such a way that your session is as relaxed as possible. Newborn sessions can be very unpredictable and depends very much on your baby so expect anything from 1/2 hour to 4 hours. We try to keep the baby as relaxed as possible so if that means feeding or nappy changes are required then so be it. A contented baby takes better pictures than a grumpy baby. After all, we all want the best pictures.

If you already have children please bring them along although newborn and sibling portraits (especially with toddlers) can be some of the more difficult images to capture. Each toddler is unique in their attitude to the new arrival and may not have accepted the sudden appearance of a baby but we will try our utmost to succeed for you and have several ideas that do work.

If your baby has already arrived, please feel free to call about a session and we will do our utmost to fit you in.

Included in this session is a 12″ x 12″ canvas.

PRICING: Newborn Session ONLY: £75

All session fees are due at the time of booking and includes:


We have a number of wall art packages and digital file packages available to purchase.

We also have a range of keepsake albums, frames and canvases; a full price list will be given to you at the photo session.


A selection of images from some recent studio sessions of Swindon Portrait Photographers, JMW Imaging.

Studio Portrait Image Gallery

Once you have done your Newborn Baby Portrait session why not consider our Watch Me Grow programme to record your baby’s first milestones during his/her first year.